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Supported Applications

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This is not a complete list. We support many softwares and plugins which we keep updating. You can contcat us or check with the customer support for any specific software requirement.

We understand this problem and to help you we offer a free IBM aspera connect to all our clients. We also offer our properitory Raysync data transfer tool to help you transfer hude data to our platform. Raysync high speed data transfer tools have trasnfer sppeds of above 100x as compared to traditional HTTP and FTP. This tool is also available as a service for your other transfer need . You can read more about Raysync software here.

We define failed rendering as a software defined process. Render softwares send communications to intimate renders starts and render completion. A frame which fails due to system crash, inabiliuty to complete etc is not charged. However, if a render is completed and has incorrect output which are related to the file, the frame is chargeable. To avoid such issues as much as possible our platform automatically renders only First-Middle-Last frame as a test. You can override this option while submittinbg, but its our small effort to help you avoid and identify issues as easrly as possible

No. Our system unfortunatley do not support drives with IP address. We recommend to have projects preferably built on E-Z drives. Although the other alphabets can also work if you use our desktop applications