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About Our Renderfarm

RenderingFox is a online render farm service. The render farm is based in India and offers affordable render farm services to major studios globally. We support all major 3d softwares and plugins and offer custom render setup. Our service, render farm infrastructure and commitment is our strength


Renderfarm textures and files collection

Collect Assets and Upload

Create and archive all necessary render assets. Upload the data using our high speed data transfer service or directly via any common file sharing application.

Submit online render on farm

Test and Render

Select the necessary software to render. Select file to render and do a test confirm results. Submit final renders. Relax

download rendered outputs from renderfarm

Download Render

Our super powerful render farm will take your job and splut it across the render farm. Once the job is complete download the output. Happy rendering

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About Rendering Fox

cloud based render farm in India

Who we are

Founded in 2009, we are the most reliable render farm in India. We have successfully undertaken and completed multiple render projects ranging from architectural visualizations to movie rendering.
We are a team of technically strong and motivated people. We have strived to continously add to our software and hardware infrastructure making us a one stop render farm solution to all animation studios.

Our Infrastructure

Machine Cores

16 and 28 Core Xeon Machines


60GB DDR3 and DDR4 Memory


Tesla M40 and GTX 1080

Render Softwares we Support

Our render platform supports all major design softwares and multiple plugins. We have a wide range of plugin support as well.
We offer custom setups in scenarios where we dont have the required render application